BEKER Laboratories

BEKER® laboratories presentation

Laboratoire pharmaceutique algérien d’excellence crée en 2004, spécialisé dans le développement, la production, la promotion et la commercialisation de médicaments génériques de molécules de dernières générations sous formes sèches (Comprimés, gélules, poudres) avec l’implantation de deux sites de production : Dar El Beida et Oued Smar.

We work for the well-being of the patient and put him at the center of our interests. Our mission is to make available to all patients latest-generation therapies meeting international quality standards with specialty and hyper-specialty drugs covering several therapeutic areas: Cardiology, the central nervous system, metabolism, gastrology , hepatology, urology, infectious diseases, rheumatology, pain and allergology.

BEKER® presentation

Our values

We are a laboratory which puts the patient at the heart of its profession, which upholds and conveys the values of Excellence, commitment and fairness.

BEKER® excellence

BEKER® excellence:

it is compliance with local regulatory requirements and international standards to develop and produce quality drugs that guarantee reliability and safety to patients for which we are responsible.

it is experienced and passionate employees who ensure daily compliance with methods and analysis of results to ensure the safety of our medicines.

it is also partnerships that we forge day after day with stakeholders in the drug chain, wherever we work in a logic of listening, sharing knowledge and anticipating needs.

BEKER® commitment:

is a value on which our mission is to facilitate access to care for all patients.

Committed to better health, we do more than care: We create and participate in information and prevention actions for health professionals and the general public.

We sponsor and contribute to scientific events and events for educational and preventive purposes, in direct connection with associations working on the pathologies concerned.

This is the case of the vast campaigns we are conducting for awareness and screening for hepatitis C in partnership with the authorities concerned and civil society.

BEKER® commitment

BEKER® equity

BEKER® equity:

The BEKER® equity©is to develop its employees in a favorable environment, a pleasant environment where respect and justice are combined for equal opportunities.

The BEKER® equity©, it is the desire to provide the best treatments everywhere, to all patients.

Our expertise

We were born out of a desire to make the latest generation treatments available to all patients. We have made innovation the basis of our industrial strategy thanks to teams dedicated to Research & Development. An important hub for the company because it allows it to enjoy technological independence to offer patients remedies adapted to their needs.

Each year, nearly 20 new drugs from the latest generation molecules are offered for registration and more than 20 are marketed.

Multidisciplinary skills at the service of our patients and innovation:

A development pole that brings together more than a hundred scientists (chemists, doctors, biologists, engineers and pharmacists, etc.). These multidisciplinary teams aim to provide a fair balance between innovation and the marketing of new products. .

Our medicines have an active ingredient composition identical to that of the originator and whose effectiveness is systematically demonstrated by bioequivalence studies.

Human and industrial capital at the cutting edge of technology:

Qualified human resources and an efficient industrial tool for production in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices from pilot batches to commercial batches with the support of:

Quality assurance which ensures compliance and compliance with procedures through internal audits;

Engineering which provides technical support and monitoring of equipment to guarantee their proper functioning.

A commercial relationship based on partnership:

Teams of scientists, Marketing and management professionals work on a daily basis to build a relationship of trust between the laboratory and healthcare professionals. Today we have a large number of doctors & pharmacists who trust us and offer our medicines to their patients on a daily basis.

Indeed, listening & proximity are at the heart of our customer relationship, our teams provide medical information and commercial support through our medical networks, pharmacies and hospitals.

Our expertise

Our ambitions

Our ambitions

We aspire to be the benchmark for generic medicine. This is reflected in the innovation and development of new therapeutic ranges to meet the needs of prescribers and patients, the increase in our production capacities and the development of new forms such as liquid and injectable forms.

In addition, we aim to expand our presence internationally. Our products meet international standards and requirements and are of interest to several countries. We thus export our finished products as we make our know-how available according to the capacities and interests of our foreign partner customers. Our goal is to offer more and more patients around the world access to reliable, effective and affordable drugs.